First Beat

For children from birth to age 3

From birth, your child can join with you or another carer to take part in our most popular classes. All of our classes are taught by qualified teachers who have years of experience working with young children.  We use only high quality instruments so that your child learns to make a beautiful sound from the start. Through nursery rhymes and traditional songs your child will learn to predict rhymes (benefiting future reading skills) and keep a beat, all the while enjoying the predictability of the class routine and growing in confidence in the meantime.  We teach by modelling and immersion so your child will learn just from absorbing the successes of those around them.

We introduce children to music the way they are introduced to language – from birth. With both, for the best outcome, this early start is crucial. We talk to a baby because s/he is beautiful and because we feel affection, whether or not the baby understands. To underline this, Music at Heart offers free classes to newborns for the term in which they join.


We celebrate every small success in your child's musical and character development, thereby building confidence and nurturing their mind.  To that end, we provide journals for you to review (with the help of the teacher) your child's accomplishments and growth.  This is a vital part of our class, which other parents have found invaluable as a way to focus on the positives.  Your child's journal will become a precious book to treasure as they grow.

Weekly classes:

Tuesday to Friday 

9.30am and 11.00am

FREE classes for newborns for the term in which they are born

Music at Heart

The Citadel (York City Church),



YO31 7EA

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